The World Economic Forum will work together with the Tourism Ministry and AA2000 to support the growth of tourism in Argentina

The World Economic Forum with the support of the Tourism Ministry and Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 (AA 2000) is preparing a dialogue between the public and private sectors in Argentina to help the country realize its tourist potential. Via meetings between the main players in this industry over the next six months, this initiative will present viable recommendations for the sector.

This commitment to joint work was officially launched by a meeting between Tourism Minister Gustavo Santos, AA 2000 president Martín Eurnekian and Tiffany Misrahi, who chairs the Travel and Tourism Committee of the World Economic Forum and is thus responsible for the aviation and tourism industries.

The aim of this initiative will be to explain to the tourist industry its role as a motor of growth for the Argentine economy so that it understands better how to build up the demand for tourism in Argentina and supply it properly.

In order to gather this data there will be workshops with leading figures from the public and private sectors to exchange objective experiences helping to identify the opportunities for sustainable development in this industry. The results will be presented at the end of the year.

The World Economic Forum recognizes the vast potential of the Argentine tourist industry as a creator of jobs, as well as its enormous capacity to stimulate the economy via the inclusive development of the regions with the exponential effect which that produces for the value chain.