Punta Del Este Airport inaugurated infrastructure and technology renovation works
The completion of this project involved an investment of USD 14 million and included the resurfacing of the main runway and the installation of LED technology beacons, among other works.

Laguna Del Sauce International Airport has started infrastructure renovation works, installing modern equipment and sustainable technology to bring forth a modern airport with the highest security standards in the country's eastern region.

The completion of these works involved an investment of USD 14 million and the creation of numerous jobs in the construction sector during the past few months in the context of the current public health emergency, manifesting the company's firm commitment to the country and its development.

The works included the complete resurfacing of 2,133 meters of the primary and auxiliary runways and taxiways and the expansion of the runway end safety areas.

In addition, LED beacons were installed on the main runway, making it the first in the country to have this technology resulting in greater efficiency and sustainability.

The company also installed a modern approach lighting system called Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System With Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (MALSR), renewed the commercial and civil platform's lighting system, and installed a fiber optic ring.  

The company also replaced 13 kilometers of the perimeter fence surrounding the airport, built a new powder magazine, renewed the instruments and technological equipment in the control tower, and upgraded the airport weather station by incorporating new technology.

The General Aviation Terminal was also officially opened as part of these works. It is exclusively devoted to private flight traffic. The works were completed at the beginning of the last summer season. Thanks to its 500 square meters, this space has enhanced passengers and crew services in the top private terminal of the country.

National authorities, including the Minister of National Defense, Javier García, the Minister of Transportation, Luis Alberto Heber, the Minister of Tourism, Germán Cardoso, as well as the Mayor of Maldonado, Jesús Bentancur, and authorities from the National Directorate of Civil Aviation and Aeronautical Infrastructure attended the event for the presentation of the completed works.

Diego Arrosa, CEO of Corporación América Uruguay, and Alejandro Rivero, General Manager of the Punta Del Este Airport, were in charge of making the presentations showcasing the works on behalf of the company.

"This year has been challenging for the sector and connectivity; therefore, the completion of these works reflects Corporación América Uruguay's firm commitment to the development of the region and our country. The investments in infrastructure and technology are a true reflection of the actions adopted to fulfill our purpose of bringing Uruguay closer to the world by offering high-level facilities", said Arrosa.

Rivero explained that these works marked a milestone for the company, which is already planning for new improvements to be implemented in the upcoming months to continue reinforcing its commitment to quality service and excellent operations.

"Connecting the most popular seaside resort in the region to the world is a huge responsibility. We're extremely proud of these works, and they reinforce our commitment to position the Punta Del Este Airport as a facility that not only meets the highest safety standards but also offers a superior quality of service", he added.  

The works carried out are part of the commitment taken on by Corporación América Airports, the group to which Consorcio Aeropuertos Internacionales Sociedad Anónima belongs, the company that holds the operating license of the Punta Del Este Airport, to continue investing in infrastructure and service development, after renewing the license until 2033.