Uruguay’s Carrasco Airport celebrates the 10th anniversary with a mural that honors the country’s heritage

Carrasco International Airport in Uruguay celebrated the tenth anniversary of its air terminal by painting a mural that honors the country’s national heritage. The work of art depicts eight historical figures that helped shape the Uruguayan national identity. The purpose of the initiative is to share the country’s culture with the thousands of passengers and visitors that go through the airport every day.

Folk singer Alfredo Zitarrosa, theater star China Zorrilla, renowned painter Carlos Páez Vilaró and scientist Clemente Estable, as well as sportsman Gonzalo ‘Gonchi’ Rodríguez, writer Juana de Ibarbourou, carnival dancer Rosa Luna and education innovator José Pedro Varela, were the ones chosen to represent the country’s heritage. They were selected by Uruguayans themselves through an online initiative led by the airport, in which more than 11500 people participated.

A well-known local street art group called Colectivo Licuado was tasked with painting the mural on the walls of a viaduct located in front of the terminal. The paint was donated by the company Inca.

The inauguration event was attended by local and national authorities, as well as the company’s, CEO of Corporación America Airports, Martín Eurnekian, and CEO of Corporación América Uruguay, Diego Arrosa.

“This mural is our gift to the country, to celebrate the first decade of our air terminal. It’s a tribute to Uruguay’s strong cultural heritage and it’s a way to improve a public area with art, whilst at the same time sharing our identity with those who visit our country” said Mr. Arrosa.

During the event, Mr. Arrosa underlined the support received by the local and national authorities to develop the initiative. Tourism Ministry Liliam Kechichián, present at the event, applauded the idea.

“This proposal has been able to skillfully combine the participation of Uruguayans and the involvement of the local community. All of us feel represented by these eight people. Now, every time a visitor arrives to the airport and our country, we will have the opportunity to tell them about their role in our history” said Mrs. Kechichián.

The creation of the largest work of art in the country to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its terminal reinforces the role of Carrasco International Airport as a driving force for growth and development in the country, and its contribution to the country’s tourism and cultural identity.