Carrasco first Latam airport with biometric facial identification at boarding gates
Reaffirming its commitment to innovations improving passenger experience, Carrasco Airport has extended its facial recognition system to boarding gates, which means that passengers will not need to show their travel documents since they are already facially identified. This positions the terminal as the first in Latin America applying facial biometric technology to passenger flow in its totality from immigration controls to aircraft entry.


Corporación América President Martín Eurnekian was among those speaking at the opening ceremony.


The new technology was presented at an event attended by national authorities and company executives. In the first instance the system will be used for access to Latam Airlines flights but will subsequently extend to the remaining airlines.

This innovation will also transform Carrasco into the first biometric airport of Corporación América, the firm holding its concession, which operates 53 air terminals around the world.

Having this technology implies a step forward towards more safety and better terminal experience, reducing waiting-times and simplifying the identification of each passenger.

“We seek to transform Carrasco Airport into a beacon of innovation in Latin America. That’s why we’ve signed agreements with the main technology suppliers and that is possible thanks to the high quality of Uruguayan labour skills”, highlighted Diego Arrosa, the CEO of Corporación América Uruguay.

The initiative is part of Easy Airport, the technological development plan implemented by the airport in conjunction with the National Defence Ministry via the Dinacia (Dirección Nacional de Aviación Civil e Infraestructura Aeronáutica) aviation watchdog and the Interior Ministry via the National Immigration Department with the aim of achieving total automation of the terminal.

Arrosa indicated; “When all the phases of the Easy Airport programme are completed, Carrasco Airport will be positioned as one of the most advanced terminals in the region in the use of self-service and biometric technology for handling passenger flow."


We share PDA’s exclusive chat with the executive.

Within this same programme between August, 2016 and December, 2017 automatic walkways were installed with biometric technology for immigration controls at the Departures and Arrivals zones while last May automatic checks for boarding passes were added with the installation of five self-service gateways, innovations which now round out the experience at the boarding gates.

LATAM is the first airline with a biometric recognition system for boarding at Carrasco Airport, which will improve passenger experience and make for faster and safer boarding, reducing aircraft entry times by up to 50%.

“The technological advances have burst into the aviation industry, permitting us to offer a more personalized and safer service to our passengers. For this reason, it is fundamental for LATAM to push initiatives like these, which seek to change the style of travel. We are proud of being able to support Carrasco Airport and the Uruguayan government in this initiative and to be the first in the region with this system, which halves boarding times,” said LATAM’s General Manager in Uruguay, Javier Macías, with whom we also spoke.

Note: In the next few hours, we will be running interviews with the CEO of Vision Box (responsible for the installation of all the technology at Carrasco and 90 other airports around the world) and also with Martín Eurnekian, President of Corporación América and also the recent international airport association conference where airport safety was the main topic.
Source: Portal de América