A new order of magnitude for Ezeiza
The works underway at Ministro Pistarini International Airport will expand Ezeiza’s size fourfold, from the current 58,400 to 217,230 square metres, also including catering novelties at normal prices.

The transformational works at Ezeiza International Airport are advancing around the clock at such a pace that the places visited and images registered by Aviación en Argentina in March are beyond recognition.

NEW DEPARTURES HALL – All aspects of departures will be centralised into a single two-floor building, including check-in and immigration and security controls. On the lower floor the new hall will have 138 check-in points distributed along five aísles and 128 self-check-in points. The upper floor will house the security and immigration control áreas, including the latest technology (Scan-View scanners) for optimial standards. The plan also contemplates 11 new E-gates for the immigration area to accelerate procedures.

The new multilevel parking lot, in front of the future departure and arrival buildings, will have four floors with space for 1,835 vehicles. At present there is covered parking for only 342 cars. The second basement floor will have two underground pedestrian walk connections with the terminals, thus permitting passengers to circulate from one building to the other without going outside. The current departure hall connects Terminal C with B.

This fantastic transformation of Ezeiza international airport is one of its most important stages since its creation. There are moments which mark forever the lives of people and an industry and this grand project without doubt applies to both.

Much of the above information was obtained from an interview with Ezeiza General Manager Daniel Ketchibachian. He pointed out that a top priority of the works, which began in the last quarter of 2017 and which are to conclude next July, is to disturb passengers as little as possible although they should also bear in mind that all the changes (which will include services to help families with children better) are for their benefit.  

Source: Aviacion Argentina