Arbitration sought over Cusco’s airport

Andino Investment Holding announced last Thursday that Sociedad Aeroportuaria Kuntur Wasi, - which it owns jointly with Corporación América - has presented to the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (CIADI in its Spanish acronym) an arbitratiion request against the Peruvian state.

The reason? The contract for the concession of Chinchero,International Airport in Cusco, which the company won in 2014 but which the Peruvian state has sought to quash since mid-2017 on the grounds of "national interest." That resolution hardly seems sustainable given the pressing need to build an airport and the existence of a vaid contract complying with all the legal obligations, The company added that in order  to resolve this controversy generated by the state, it went directly to the Transport and Communications Ministry (which will now reportedly add “Information Technology” to its name) with the proposal of an agreement offering mutual concessionss

But the state note ven consider that proposal made in good faith, instead insisting on the surrender of the lands given in the original concession.  It has yet to be defined if Chinchero Airport is to be constructed as a public work. The timetable for a public works project beginning in October with the runway is expected within the next 10 days

Source: Gestion Perú