Traveller smuggling 52 mobile telephones detected by X-rays at Guayaquil Airport

A passenger coming from the United States was caught on arrival at José Joaquín de Olmedo Airport in Guayaquil trying to smuggle 52 complete mobile telephone sets into Ecuador, the country’s Customs (Senae) reported last Monday.

The would-be smuggler declared a 32-inch television set, a projector, a computer and a toaster but on closer inspection by X-ray control these ítems were found to contain 52  complete mobile telephone sets (three new and 49 second-hand) with a total value of US$ 14,277.44.

The man was not only obliged to pay duties of US$ 4,237.21 but faces charges, as stipulated by Article 301, clause 1 of the Integral Penal Code which says that any contraband exceeding 10 minimum salaries must be reported to the National Police to face trial.